2024-25 Sports Insurance is now able to be purchased. Coverage runs from 8/1/24 to 8/1/25 for full price policies or 8/1/24 to 1/1/25 for half price policies.

If you previously purchased through any sports association or organization affiliated with Chappell Insurance Agency please go to their website to repurchase for 2023.

Welcome to Chappell Insurance Agency's Website!

Chappell Insurance would like to welcome you to our website, which will allow you to purchase your team insurance and print your certificate of insurance as well as adding additional insured (city, county, school district, event sponsor) certificates and printing them. You will be required to create an email account with a password to enter back into the site to add additional insureds any time after your original purchase.

Tournament and league insurance can now be purchased online!

There is a $10 administration fee added to all individual purchases and 3% administration fee added to all league/group purchases. Premium is fully earned at the time of purchase.

Chappell Insurance

Chappell Insurance has earned the reputation as a leader in providing amateur sports insurance coverage across the country. For more than 43 years, Chappell Insurance has provided vital insurance protection for thousands of teams, leagues, tournaments and the facilities where sports are played every day.

We now insure teams in virtually every sport, as well as camps, clinics, fitness, gymnastics, martial arts, dance and many other leisure and entertainment activities.

For your convenience, Chappell Insurance offers online service with a personal touch. We welcome your questions and have a full-time, friendly staff ready to assist you with.

  • Your purchase
  • Coverage and claim questions
  • Insurance certificate needs

For Baseball, Softball, Basketball, and Volleyball tournament insurance click the tournament button on the left column, for all other sports contact us.

  • Make it easy on yourself. Purchase tournament insurance for your event.
  • Accident medical insurance is provided for the teams and coaches in your tournament.
  • General liability insurance is included for the tournament directors, sponsors, volunteers, facility owners (if requested), teams and coaches.

(+ a $25.00 administration fee per event)

We are here to help. [email protected]